Services for Property Owners

ROBINSON REAL ESTATE       Let us help you find your rental!

new7Many property owners are surprised to discover that our services are available to them at no cost!

Advertising / Showing Properties

  We advertise in a variety of resources including:

  • Local Newspaper
  • Our website
  • "For Rent" signs at property
  • Craig's List
  • We will show the rental property to prospective tenants, and will arrange the showings with the existing tenants.

Screening Prospective Tenants

  • After viewing the property, prospective tenants submit an application.
  • Credit checks are performed.
  • Applicants' income and employment history are verified.
  • Previous landlords are contacted and interviewed.

new9Selecting Tenants   

  • Upon discussing the applicant's references and credit history with the property owner, we execute a legally binding lease or rental agreement with addendum(s) covering any additional terms required. We leave the final decision to accept/decline an applicant with the property owner based on credit and reference information provided by the applicant.
  • A Security Deposit if required is collected.
  • The first and/or last month's rent if required is collected prior to occupancy.
  • The new tenant is given all utility company contact information and Landlord contact information.

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